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Ten Degree Tuesdays: Prep

The first topic is pictured on this page. For more, continue at the bottom of the page.
Here is a blog series on the Ten Degree--lovingly call Ten Degree Tuesdays!! It's full of tips, tricks and fun.
Get out your Ten Degree and lets get started!
Let's start with Tool Prep. Our favorite choice is True-Grips. Apply several circles on the back side of any tool for the ultimate grip while cutting. The secret is that little hole in the center. It creates a bit of a vacuum.

An inexpensive alternative is ordinary packaging tape. Make a long loop, sticky side out and put that on the back side of your wedge tool. You can use several smaller pieces as shown or one long tube running the length of your tool.
Why you may ask? 
it's a BIG tool!
It moves...
no matter how much you think you can hold that puppy still, it moves!
Grip stops the slip!
Trust me, its worth it!
Our Next Tip...
Use a good blade on your rotary cutter.
You might want to add a drop of oil at the center post of the cutter to help it roll smoother.
It's just frustrating when you have to re-cut those straggler threads and little bits.
This is so important when cutting wedges made from a strip set. Those seams can be a pain!
So speaking of strip sets... There's so many different ways you can cut them.
Check out the instructions in the book Quilts Without Corners or our various individual patterns.
There's so many fun things to do with your Ten Degree!