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Ten Degree Tuesdays: Hanging Your Circle Quilt

There are many uses for the Ten Degree quilts. One is using it as a wall hanging. So how do we hang it?
- Measure your diameter of the finished quilt.

- Cut a 6" wide strip of backing fabric the same length as the diameter of the quilt.

- Sew a 2" hem on both ends of the strip.

- Fold the strip in half and sew into a tube and tun inside out.

- Hand sew the pocket on to the backing of the quilted piece.

- Sew on three drapery rings around the top edges.

- Cut a thin flat board to fit into the sleeve with two holes on each end.

- Secure the board to the wall with small nails.

- Hang to the wall with pins placed in the drapery rings.