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Ten Degree Tuesdays: Pressing

Pressing is important! You need to take your time. Don't press the wedges after they are cut because they are on bias. This makes them easy to stretch and distort. Here is our suggestions to the best pressing for all Ten Degree projects!
Strip Set:
When you press your stripset, you need to make sure you don't stretch or distort your lines.

- Place the strip set to be pressed, wrong side up, on the ironing board with the seams parallel to the length of the ironing surface.

- Press the seams allowances as indicated in each pattern. Make the seams straight and parallel to each other. Turn the strip set over, right side up and press again firmly. Still keeping the strips perfectly parallel.
Pressing Circles:
Only press your circle once the wedges are sewn into a complete circle. Pressing before can cause distortion, especially in the center opening!

- Press the circle from the back before pressing from the front.

- Gently press the opening, pressing the seam allowances in a counter-clockwise direction.
Stabilize the center with an 8 inch square of freezer paper before ironing the rest of the circle.

- Continue pressing lightly from the back side, making sure you maintain the circle.

- Now press from the front again maintaining the circular shape.