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Squedges & Bending the Line

Here you'll find answers to your questions about the Bending The Line book, how to use stripes with your Squedge tool and other helpful topics.
Questions about the 22.5 Degree Squedge Tool

Click here for Squedge 22.5 graph paper and block suggestions

Click here for the full 22.5 quilt info as stated on the package instructions.

The February Free pattern had an error in the finishing portion. Click here for the correct February 22.5 Squedge pattern.
The October Free pattern had an error. Click here for the corrected page October Free pattern Correction.
Download Correction PDF for Page 14 of the Squedge Star Sampler

Correction on Page 14! Download here
The Elegant Grace pattern is written for the 16" Squedge tools. If you're trying to make it with the 12" set or the 8" set, it just won't fit the strip sets!!
The freezer paper method is demonstrated in the 22.5 Squedge Intro video.
(advance the video to appox. 7:42)

Download Corner Template:
Corner Template.
More information can be found on the product page and in Bending the Line.
Do you have any Tips for Working with Stripes?

We think Squedges and stripes go hand in hand. So here are some tips and tricks to make your stripe work the best with the Squedges. You may be able to apply these principles to other projects.

Download here
Questions about Bending the Line

Are there any corrections?
Yes. We have a typo on page 14.
The diagram of the K strip set should read 7 ¾" (the cutting chart is correct)

Click here to download the Extra Credit Addendum

Download Labels:
Elementary My Dear & Exchange Student
Simple Subtraction
Extra Credit

Download Grids:
Basic A through C+
Elementary My Dear through Simple Subtraction
Extra Credit

Download Yardage Charts:
Basic A through C+
Basic A: Playing with Color
Elementary My Dear through Simple Subtraction

Download Corner Template:
Corner Template
Questions about Four of a Kind

Four of a Kind Addendum
Questions about the Squedge Tools

Click here for a number of Squedge Tool videos

Click here for FREE Squedge Tool patterns!

You use a lot of stripes in your Squedge free patterns. Do you have tips to working with stripes?
Yes we do. Download this Tips for Stripes PDF.
Questions about the 15 Degree Squedge Tool

Patterns that use the Squedge 15 tool:

Court Jester 15
Free Patterns are available too!
Questions about the 18 Degree Squedge Tool

Click here for 18 Degree Squedge template triangle (This adds 3/8" to triangle measurement.)
Free Patterns are available.
We have decided to not reprint this pattern and it is no longer available.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

I've ordered my pattern but I'm not sure how much fabric to buy?

You need the yardage chart. This is for the main quilt and not the variation.

Where do I find Gradient fabric?

There are many gradient fabrics to choose from this pattern was written using Gelato by Maywood. There are also wonderful gradients offered through Moda, Hoffman, and Troy that can be used as well. Check with your local retailer or online for these gradient fabrics.

If you find a great source of any of these fabrics please send us an email and we love to add them here on the FAQ page for others to order from! Thanks in advance!