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Christmas Fabric Combo

Christmas Fabric Combo

There are very few of the Christmas Combos. They were created with two patterns in mind, the Woven plus the large Sunflower. You can make both quilts with this grouping! In addition you'll need both patterns, the Woven and the Sunflower, Jewel Box tools, and the large 15 degree wedge that comes inside the Color Wheel Bargello. See links below. Also I have filmed a stripe video with this fabric, so save your scraps! Video will be available sometime in the future.

3 Yards
- Pink Stripe

3 Yards
- Green Stripe

1 1/2 yards
- Green Print

1 1/2 yards
- Red Print

1 yard
- White Print

10 Yards Total!!
See the extra images for each piece of fabric


Suggested Patterns: The New Woven pattern and the Sunflower pattern.
Let us know if you'd like the cutting pdf for the Woven or the Large template page for the Sunflower when ordering!

Rest of the Story-FAQ:

Jewel Box framing template
Jewel Box binding help


For Jewel Box videos Click here.

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