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Ten Degree Wedge Tool - 2 Pieces


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Finish Size: 50" Circle

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This tool doesn't work with the newer patterns such as Star Shine, Jazz, Jettison, or the CLP patterns. Purchase the Creative Grids Ten Degree instead if those are the patterns you're wanting.

Ten Degree Wedge

The Ten Degree Wedge is THE go to tool for creative quilters!
The Ten Degree Wedge creates wonderful circular quilts. It's made with eighth inch acrylic with clear markings.

Free with the wedge tool is dynamite pattern! When you buy the tool, you can start on a project immediately!!

The wedge is used in the book, Platinum Quilts Without Corners. Patterns using the Ten Degree include Angelica, Eagle, Phoenix, Stellar Medallion, Bargello Rewound, Snappy Splendor and Spicy Spiral. We also offer many free ten degree patterns as digital downloads.

Why TWO pieces?
• Easier to mail
• Easier to take to class
• Easier to store
Package Includes: A bridge to connect the two pieces (You can re-position this again and again!)
A Free pattern in the package utilizing the two piece design!

 A PFA Bonus: the Beginner's Bargello Card Pattern!


Wedge Info:

  • You need 36 wedges to make a complete circle.
  • Wedge is 22 1/2" long, allowing 5 3/4" center.
  • Completed circle is 50 1/2".
  • Angled lines, 45 & 60 degrees, printed on tool.
  • Includes the Bridge piece to put the two pieces into one

Rest of the Story-FAQ:
Ten Degree Prep
Ten Degree Cutting
Ten Degree Sewing

Original Backing Pattern for the Ten Degree

Ten Degree Videos

Free patterns:

Click on Free Free Free to find assortment.


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