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For handy conversion charts for Junior, Petite, or Mini sizes for the full size pattern, click on the pattern name below. Note: You will still need the full size pattern and the Jewel Box Jr tool. 

 bronze mosaic quilt The Bronze Mosaic Pattern Conversions

The Bronze Mosaic Pattern
 moroccan tile (150x150) The Moroccan Tile Pattern Conversions

The Moroccan Tile Pattern
ruby ring quilt only

The Ruby Ring Pattern Conversions

The Ruby Ring Pattern


The Sundial Pattern Conversions

The Sundial Pattern Free Patterns by Cheryl Phillips are protected under the United States copyright laws. While you may print these patterns for classroom or demonstration purposes, they are not intended for resale. While you may link your site to this PFA product page which includes the free pattern, you may not directly link to the pattern itself. You may not provide this pattern on your own web site without written permission from Cheryl Phillips. Our free patterns are written to enhance our products and promote our website. When displaying a quilt in a public show which was made with one of our patterns, please acknowledge the source. We appreciate your adherence to Federal Copyright laws. 

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