Two Piece Ten Degree Tool


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Finish size: up to a 50" circle

Two Piece Ten Degree Wedge

Two Piece Ten Degree
Put together the two pieces make
a standard Ten Degree Wedge
for 50" circles.

Why TWO pieces?
• Easier to mail
• Easier to take to class
• Easier to store

Package Includes:• A bridge to connect the two pieces
(You can re-position this again and again!)

• Pattern for the quilt shown here.

The sample below is made of two rings. The narrow wedge makes the center ring and alternating wide and narrow wedges make the outer ring.
This circle is about 40" in diameter.


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The Ten Degree Videos page has several videos demonstrating the technique possibilities of this tool.

Free Patterns:
Free patterns are available for download!! Click on the image to download.




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