Just Peachy Bundle


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Ten Degree Pattern
Pattern Finish Size: 39" Circle or 43" Square
Tool Finish Size: up to a 50" Circle

Just Peachy Bundle

Two Piece Ten Degree
Put together the two pieces make
a standard Ten Degree Wedge
for 50" circles.

Why TWO pieces?
• Easier to mail
• Easier to take to class
• Easier to store

Two Piece Package Includes:

• A bridge to connect the two pieces
(This is repositionable!)

• Pattern for the quilt shown here.

Just Peachy Pattern

Doesn't this design look intriguing?
How'd they do that?

It's simply choosing the fabric colors...

Uses an innovative
piecing technique!
Makes a 39" circle or 43" square.

It's  Just Peachy!!

A fun fun pattern that uses the Two Piece Ten Degree or a standard Ten Degree.

I remember calling my Grandma to
ask how she was doing...
...she always answered
"just peachy!



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The Ten Degree Videos page has several videos demonstrating the technique possibilities of this tool.

Free Patterns:
Free patterns are available for download!! Click on the image to download.


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