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Ten Degree Tools & Books

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Phoenix Cover Fabric

$55.55 $58.41

Speedy Spiral Digital Download


Prism Squared Pattern


Ten Degree Wedge Tool - 2 Pieces

$25.48 $26.48

Quilts Without Corners Platinum


Bargello Rewound - For the Creative Grid Ten degree


Beginner's Bargello


Snappy Splendor


Spicy Spiral Table Runner


Navajo Wedding Basket


Stellar Medallion Pattern


Eagle Pattern

$9.98 $10.98

Phoenix Pattern

$9.98 $10.98

Two Piece Ten Degree Bundle SAVE $5!

$43.96 $48.96

A Ten Degree Free Pattern--the one that used to be on the backing card




Mini 30 Degree Wedge

$3.50 $5.99

Ten Degree Extension Squared


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Beginner's Bargello


DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Bargello Rewound




DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Woodland Butterfly


Ten Degree Graph paper


Split Ten Sunrise


Plump Little Pumpkin Pattern


Mini Ten Spinner



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