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Digital Download: Mix and Match Squedges

The Squedge sets are a perfect match. Made to work together!

This Digital Packet requires the Phillips Fiber Art 8", 12", and 16" Squedge 22.5 tools and the Book Bending the Line.

Mix the 45/22.5 Squedge Sizes
with our New Digital Package

19 pages with 3 Projects:

Bending the Line Conversions--8 pages
Squedge Star Medallion Quilt Pattern --4 pages
Multiple sized Spinner Blocks with design grids -- 7 pages

Contains instructions for the Squedge Medallion quilt.

The blue, red, and gold quilt shown here combines both the
16" and 8" Squedge 45 tools.

Contains instructions for
Spinner Block with design grids
shown to the right in Orange & Raspberry fabrics.
It uses all three 45 tools:
16", 12" and 8" Squedges.

Bending The Line
Contains conversions for the Bending the Line book, so you can make all the 16" block projects in 8" or 12" sizes.
The smaller sizes require the smaller Squedge sets, which are on sale!!