The Can't Be Beat Bundle


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Squedge Family

Finish Size: 16" Block

Complete Squedge 16" Bundle

The complete Squedge Family in one set! Each tool creates a 16 1/2" square. Mix and match!

Each tool comes with a pattern so your friend can get started right away with projects! Plus we are adding new free patterns this December for each tool! Why not print them out and add them
to the package!!

The bundle includes:
Squedge 11.25
Squedge 15
Squedge 18
Squedge 22.5
Squedge 30
Squedge 45
Plus 4 Free Patterns and 1 Free Book!!
(Elegant Grace, Four of a Kind,
Court Jester 15, Star Crossed 18 and Bending The Line)

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