Gem 30 and Stargello Bundle


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Jewel Box Family
Finish Size: 40" x 42"
Stargello requires the Gem 5&10 set and the Gem 30!
This bundle doesn't include the Gem 5&10
Order the bigger bundle if you don't have the 5&10

Gem 30 and Stargello Bundle

The Bundle includes:
 -The Gem 30 Tool
 -The Stargello pattern

These tools are screen printed and made from 1/8" acrylic.

Stargello project size is approximately 40" x 42"

Jewel Box Tools:
Gem 10 and Gem 5 are required.

Rest of the Story-FAQ:

Jewel Box framing template
Jewel Box binding help

Stargello Tips


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