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DIGITAL DOWNLOAD: Mod Squares Placemat

Digital Download: Mod Squares

Finished Size:  13 1/2" x 20 1/2"

Have you tried Piecing within your Braided Twist? Well it's a wonderful way to personalize and add your own flair to your Braided Twist placemats and runners! Try starting with this fun Modern style pieced Braided Twist, it might just give you the confidence to create your own!

In addition to the pattern itself, you also get tips and tricks for Background Preparation, Applique Preparation, When to Stitch and Stitching Options.

Want to see how the placemat is made? See this video: Braided Twist Placemat

This is a Digital download only, not a physical copy. Requires the Original Braided Twist tool and book combo. Please do not support the fraudulent companies selling our designs!

Braided Twist Placemat
Braided Twist Introduction
Braided Twist 45




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