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Braided Twist -- Tool & Book Combination

Braided Twist

The Original Braided Twist Tool!!
This amazing tool comes with a book filled with amazing possibilities!!

The Beauty of the Braided Twist is its simplicity!
No Quilting, No Binding, No Handwork!!
How?... The magic is in hidden center seam!!

We've had some question of the size of our product. We only have one size at this time.

The size of our tool was selected based on several things.
    1. The standard width of a tablerunner or placemat.
    2. The size of Priority mailing envelopes limits the tool size to 14" long.
    3. The ease of construction based on months of experimenting with various sizes.

The counterfeit companies currently offering other sizes have obviously never made those sizes. I've made tests and considering the fusible fleece and the twisting method, they just don't work!

Our tool creates the perfect size of table runner at a width of 13 1/2" wide and lengths of 34", 47"or longer. The finished placemat in our book is 13 1/2" x 20". The bonus blossom is a 30" x 30" circular table topper.

The Braided Twist tool is backed with a book full of twists and turns.
Each runner is made with the same basic technique but there's more!
Learn the Basics, then add details.

Once you have the basics down take it further...
For the 45 twist you'll want a Squedge 45 (or any other 45 degree tool works!)

Try twisting a basic and 45 together. Make it reversible. Make it longer or shorter.
All the yardage is figured out for you in the book!
Top it off with the Bonus Blossom.
Check out the Gallery to see the possibilities!

Supply List:
Your Choice of fabrics
Single Sided Fusible Fleece
Fusible Web 1/4"
Standard Ruler 8 1/2" x 18 1/2" or longer
Rotary Cutter 45mm or larger
Small scissors
45 Degree Ruler (optional for 45 Twist)
60 Degree Ruler (optional for Bonus Blossom)


2 pages of Videos available!!
Braided Twist Videos
More Braided Twist Videos

New full tutorial--walks you through the entire process
Skip thru to find the topic you need with the Video Timeline

FAQs includes downloads for the inserts!
Braided Twist Fusibles

Are you teaching the Braided Twist? Here's a supply list!
Braided Twist Supply list