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Roy G. Biv's Perfect 7 pattern

Roy G. Biv for the Perfect 7

Includes foundation papers for seven arcs--so you'll be ready to start sewing as soon as you have the pattern in hand!
It also includes a framing template so you can square the circle. This pattern is packed with options!!
t also includes instruction for the cover sample, the gray sample and the black one.
Three fun samples! Three fun arc choices!

You'll love this simple project! It fun It's fast, fun and so pretty!!

Find perfection with the Perfect 7

The amazing Perfect 7 has SEVEN free patterns right in the packaging!!
The wedge has a curved bottom edge to create a smooth 24" circle.
Now you can easily make a SEVEN point star!
Included in the pattern is a framing template
for making your circle into a 26" square.


There's still more!

Download Free Perfect 7 patterns:
P7 Bargello
Perfectly Geared

Roy G Biv Video