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Eagle Pattern


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Ten Degree Pattern
Finish Size: 50" Circle


The magestic Eagle is a symbol of freedom and hope.

Make the Eagle quilt with simple strip sets and the Ten Degree Wedge. The keys to your success are markings added to the Ten Degree Tool. Strip sets allow you to use a variety of textural fabrics for the feathers.

The Eagle pattern has been redesigned from its appearance in Quilts Without Corners Encore. (This is an out of print publication)
What makes it different? Pieced wings and a redesigned tail! Both features make it easier to make and require with less fabric.

Finished size: 50" circle

Make this 50 inch circular quilt
with our Ten Degree Wedge Tool
Pattern includes full size templates for the Eagle body applique, and marking lines for the
Ten Degree Wedge Tool.

Rest of the Story-FAQ:
Download labels for success!
Download instructions on binding your Eagle.

Ten Degree Prep
Ten Degree Cutting
Ten Degree Sewing


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