Creative Master Collection


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Creative Master Collection

Phillips Fiber Art makes innovative tools for the creative quilter.
The Creative Master Bundle offers the full gamut of possibilities!
SAVE $ 53.58
over regular prices!

Included in the Master Bundle is

Ten Degree Tools:

Two Piece Ten Degree Wedge*
Mini Ten Degree Wedge*
Ten Degree Extension*
Ten Degree Extension Squared*

Jewel Box Tools:
Gems 5 & 10 set*
Gem 30*
Gem Star*
Gem Junior*
Squedge Tools:
Squedge 11.25 Degree* (16" block)
Squedge 15 Degree* (16" block)
Squedge 18 Degree* (16" block)
Squedge 22.5 Degree* (16" block)
Squedge 30 Degree* (16" block)
Squedge 45 Degree* (16" block)
Squedge 12" Set for 22.5 & 45 Degree*
Squedge 8" Set for 22.5 & 45 Degree*

Cut A Round Tools:

Midi Cut A Round for circles 4"-12"
Standard Cut A Round for circles 6"-17"
Large Cut A Round for circles 18"-30"

Other Creative Tools:

Simple Curves*
Perfect Seven*
All tools come with printed instructions.

* Each tool includes a pattern enclosed in the packaging.
(To see the enclosed pattern, go to the individual product page.) Total cost if bought separately would be $ 428.58. Bought in this bundle you save over $ 53!!

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