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Local Gals: Ursula Teschner

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We received the sweetest email from Ursula the other day. Ursula is an experienced quilter with a strong drive to create her own designs! She challenged herself and excelled at the adventure!

When she discovered the Gem tools she just had to try them -- so excited! She asked herself two questions as she was playing...
1) What happens when I put some patches together?
2) What happens when I want to do more than two "rings" in a circle?

These are her first trials in playing with these two questions! Wow... just WOW!!

Can you see the rings? Can you see the pieces? No not really. Seamlessly smooth design with amazing detail! That's every quilter's dream. To make it look like magic!! I'm inspired! I can't wait to get my Gem tools back out and try starting with new concepts and designs.

Thank you Ursula for sharing your talent with us
and inspiring us to push the boundaries!

What can you create?

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