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Local Gals: Teri Muro

I received this letter from a happy Local Gal the other day and I just have to share! There's nothing better than when you've helped someone and they make you feel like a million bucks!! Love this gal!!

Dear Brooke:
I just thought you might like to see the butterfly you helped me with. I am happy to have tried it and think it's ok for my first attempt, which I never would have even considered without your help. I have recommended your site to my quilting friends, and they were quite impressed by the fact that you answered all my questions and sent a pic. I am more than a tad older than you (began typing on a manual typewriter) and although I truly appreciate the speed of computers and our connection to the world, it saddens me that we seem to have lost human touch.  Not so at Phillips. Getting a real person on line and making a connection is the thing that promotes repeat business and spreads good will.  Thank you for spreading yours.

You have brightened my life, I will try to pay it forward.
Have a great day.

Thank you Teri. You have brightened my life for sure!