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Kathy's Latest Jewel Box Quilts

Kathy Morehead Johnson of

is at it again....Here are her latest Jewel Box creations


Click for more info on
Jewel Box tools and patterns

Click here for
Miniaturizing the Jewel Box patterns

Click here for
Squedge 22.5 tool and runner

Go back to the May 23, 2013 blog for Kathy's Stargello class samples

Squedge 22 runner KMJ
ok--this one's not a Jewel Box, it's a Squedge 22.5 runner

 WaterWheel Petite KMJ
A Petite Water Wheel Squared

Star Sapphire mini KMJA mini Star Sapphire

 Star Sapphire KMJ
Full Size Framed Star Sapphire
 JB Moroccan Tile JrJunior Sized Framed Moroccan Tile