Heads and Tails Runner
February Diamond Runner
February Diamond Place Mat
March Squedge 15 Spikes
June Squedge 15 Striped Stars Table Runner
June Squedge 15 & 30 4th of July Runner
July Squedge 15 Topper
July Squedge 15 Stripe Topper
Gem 5 & 10 Topper
Gem Flower
Tilt-A-Whril Variation

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2015 Free Squedge Tutorials:
The ins and outs of your favorite Squedge tools broken down so you can be creative!
Squedge 11.25 Tutorial
Squedge 15 Tutorial

Squedge 18 Tutorial
Squedge 22.5 Tutorial
Squedge 30 Tutorial

Squedge 45 Tutorial

Squedge Patterns Available:

Squedge 11.25 Patterns
Squedge 11.25 Tutorial
11.25 Pattern

Squedge 15 Patterns:

Squedge 15 Tutorial
Squedge 15 Pattern
February 2015 Squedge 15 Free Pattern
March Squedge 15 Spikes
June Squedge 15 Striped Stars Table Runner
June Squedge 15 & 30 4th of July Runner

Squedge 18 Patterns:
Squedge 18 Tutorial
Squedge 18 Pattern

February 2015 Squedge 18 Free Pattern

Squedge 22.5 Patterns:
Squedge 22.5 Tutorial
Squedge Block of the Month (2013)
February Table Topper
Resolution Runner
Christmas Surprise Pattern

Squedge 30 Patterns:
Squedge 30 Tutorial
December Star 30
Echo Star Runner
Pieced Peaks
February 2015 Squedge 30 Free Pattern

Squedge 45 Patterns:
Squedge 45 Tutorial

Simple Curves Patterns Available:

Simple Garden Table Runner and Placemats
Simple Bands Bed Runner
Wrap it Up (quilt border)
Simple Coins

Jewel Box Patterns Available:

Gem 5 & 10 Topper
Gem Flower
Ten Point Star

Dresden Gem
A Fish of a Different Color
Jewel Box Placemat
Easy Candle Mat

Cut A Round Patterns Available:

Patterns Available::
American Beauty
Bahama Mama Beach Bag
Squiggle Runner

Ten Degree Patterns Available:

Patterns Available:
Ten Degree Free pattern
Table Topper for Mini Ten Wedge
Mini Ten Spinner
Split Ten Sunrise
Plump Little Pumpkin

Attic Window Patterns Available:

Thanks Banner
Merry Christmas Banner
3-D Ornament

12 Degree Patterns Available:

Each pattern uses the 12 degree tool that comes with the
Butterfly in the Round pattern.

All Free Patterns Available:
Download them all here

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