Braided Twist

Here you'll find answers to your questions about the Braided Twist tool and book.
I'd like to see some examples from the book. Where do I find them?:
Check out our gallery! We have samples from the book that range from the Basic to the Bonus Blossom. We show you the many "flavors" you can make it in, from floral and modern, folk to country. Even options for piecing and applique. Braided Twist Gallery

I learn best by watching a video. Do you have a tutorial?:
Although we don't give away every secret of the book, we have created a few videos for you to better understand the process and get familiar with the amazing Braided Twist. Watch them here: Braided Twist Videos

What downloads will I need once I have the book in my hands?:
We are compiling a few more information downloads that will only be available here on the site. Check back soon, as we are still in the process of completing them!

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