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Braided Twist

Find answers to questions about the Braided Twist tool and book here

-- Getting started
-- Shops and teachers
-- Getting all the details
-- Getting creative

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We've had some question on the size of our product. We only have one size at this time.

The size of our tool was selected based on several things.
    1. The standard width of a tablerunner or placemat.
    2. The size of Priority mailing envelopes limits the tool size to 14" long.
    3. The ease of construction based on months of experimenting with various sizes.

The counterfeit companies currently offering other sizes have obviously never made those sizes. I've made tests and considering the fusible fleece and the twisting method, they just don't work!

Our tool creates the perfect size of table runner at a width of 13 1/2" wide and lengths of 34", 47"or longer. The finished placemat in our book is 13 1/2" x 20". The bonus blossom is a 30" x 30" circular table topper.
Quilter’s BEWARE!
There are fake Braided Twist tools being advertised on Facebook. We have seen with our own eyes what the fraudulent companies are producing. They’re just flimsy, paper thin, stencil material knockoffs with inaccurate markings. They’re lousy fakes. You can see from the image shown here that the quarter inch line isn’t right and many of the markings are way off. The simple 1 page handout is all they send for instructions.

Our set includes a standard 1/8” acrylic tool for rotary cutting with accurate markings, a 32 page full color instructional book, with piecing options, and the Bonus Blossom topper, plus several extra inserts for design grids and fussy cutting help.

We feel badly for those who’ve already been duped by these companies who have stolen our samples, concept, and video clips to advertise for a product that is counterfeit and inferior.

GETTING STARTED: Gallery, Videos, Tips, and corrections

I'd like to see some examples from the book. Where do I find them?:

Check out our gallery! We have samples from the book that range from the Basic to the Bonus Blossom, "flavors" from floral to modern, folk to country, and extras from piecing to applique. Braided Twist Gallery

I learn best by watching a video. Do you have a tutorial?:
We've created videos to help you understand the process and get familiar with the amazing Braided Twist, although we don't give away every secret of the book.
There are three videos. Each with a specific purpose.

Watch them here: Braided Twist Videos and More Braided Twist Videos
Timeline key for the Full Tutorial here.

Will you have more Braided Twist videos?
Yes! We have several other videos planned. We've had requests for the Placemat and the Bonus Blossom.
Brooke also has plans to show you some fun ideas how to use the runner to showcase your embroidery or fiber art skills.

What downloads will I need once I have the book in my hands?:
Included in the packaging are templates for fussy cutting and paper templates for the Bonus Blossom and Braided 45. You may find these downloads very helpful in your Braided Twist journey Applique and coloring sheet and Labels. We are compiling a few more information downloads that will only be available here on the site. Check back often, as updates and new ones will be offered from time to time.

Need another copy of the insert? Download it here...
Placement templates
Applique and coloring sheet 

We've made a few improvements to the Bonus Blossom pattern.
Download this PDF!
We hope it helps!
Change the size of your Blossom! Download this chart 

How do I work with Directional Fabrics?
Answer is in this download!

Braided Twist Correction...we had so hoped we wouldn't have any issues, but there is a mistake on page 26. The coloring in the graphic is wrong, but the letters are correct. Here is the correction:
Optional Printable PDF

Shops and Teachers: 

Are you teaching the Braided Twist? Here's a supply list and some tips to help you have a successful class!
Braided Twist Supply list

Teacher Tips

Do you sell wholesale?
If you're a shop with a proper resale tax number, we can offer wholesale pricing. Contact us for instructions for online wholesale purchasing. We offer low minimums and free shipping for orders of $150 or more.

Getting all the details: Sizes, Supply info, and more

What is the width of the runners?
The runners are 13 1/2" wide.
The length of the one in the videos is 33 3/4".

If you extend it to 6 swishes it's 47 1/4".
If you just have two pieces, a placemat, the length is 20 1/4".

Do I need fleece or batting?
Fleece is what you need. A single sided fusible fleece.
Batting is just too puffy and the fusible is often water soluble.
Download the PDF Braided Twist Fusibles for more information on fusibles and fleece

What are the inserts about?
There are three pages included in the packet. There's a big double page insert with an alignment guide plus outlines of a 45 and 60 degree shapes. There are grids for both runners, pieced and basic, plus the Bonus Blossom. There are really helpful labels for all the pieces.There are instructions for folding an optional center for the Bonus Blossom.

Will you be putting the tool packet on sale?
The price for the Braided Twist packet is $37.50. It includes the Braided Twist tool, 32 page book and inserts described above. We've tried to keep our pricing as reasonable as possible and will not be offering it at a lower price.
So don't hold off waiting for a sale!

Do you have any more labels to help with the fussy cutting or reversible runner?
We have a video in the works for the reversible runner. Also check out our fussy cut video on the bottom of this video page.
We have created a supplement download to help you label the pieces. Download it here!

Getting Creative!
Adding top stitching to your Braided Twist runner is easy!
Topstitch Diagram
(not well suited for reversible runners)

SCALLOPS! Here is the download to add them to your runner.

Watch the video for more on how to get creative with the Braided Twist!