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Cut A Round Tools & Books

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Use a regular 45 mm rotary cutting tool with the Large and Standard Cut A Round Tools. Use a small 28 mm rotary cutting tool with the Midi Cut A Round Tool.
Yes. Although the tools are made with High Impact acrylic, they can be broken. We suggest you avoid uneven pressure and dropping. Hang the tool for storage. If your tool does break, you can mend it with an acrylic plastic glue similar to Super Glue. These glues weld the plastic back together.
Hold the rotary cutter erect, more vertical than you cut strips. This helps glide the cutter and give you the smoothest cut. See correct placement in this Hand placement with rotary cutter diagram for Cut A Round Tool.

Cutting Corner Frames page 6: The square should be 10 1/4" rather than 9 3/4". We are sorry for this error. The corner frame template printed in the back of the book (page 15) is incorrect. Check your book inside cover. Reprints in 2009 have been corrected.
(Print the following addendum)

New York Beauty addendum

Setting in circles sounds too hard; is it?

Absolutely not. The “trick” is in the accuracy of your cutting. If the circles are cut precise, they will sew together perfectly.

I think the method of folding both circle and frame into eighths, then pinning at the matching folds is helpful in assuring the circles lie perfectly flat.

Of course exact 1/4" seams is always important.