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Braided Twist

Find answers to questions about the Braided Twist tool and book here


Quilter Beware!

Fraudulent tools are being sold by various websites such as Amazon and random ads from Facebook.
Click here to find out the details about spotting the fakes.

GETTING STARTED: Gallery, Videos, Tips, and corrections

The Braided Twist Gallery: 
Samples of the twists and Bonus Blossoms in a variety of "flavors" from floral to modern, folk to country, and piecing to applique.

Videos for the Braided Twist:
Understanding the process with tutorials and overviews! Two pages of videos are available. Second Page of videos. Here is the link to the Timeline key for the Full Tutorial.

Printable inserts: Applique and coloring sheet, Labels, Placement templates

Tips for directional Fabrics: download here

If you have book from 2029 download this tip sheet for the Bonus Blossom and check out the Oops page for a small correction. Change the size of your Bonus Blossom with this helpful chart.

Shops and Teachers:

Are you teaching the Braided Twist?
Here's a supply list and some tips to help you have a successful class!
Braided Twist Supply list

Teacher Tips

Do you sell wholesale?
If you're a shop with a proper resale tax number, we can offer wholesale pricing. Contact us for instructions for online wholesale purchasing. We offer low minimums and free shipping for orders of $150 or more.

Getting all the details: Sizes, Supply info, and more

Basic Runner is 13 1/2" wide x 33 3/4" long. Length can be increased by adding on more or reduced to a placemat by removing a swish, six swishes is 47 1/4" and two swishes is 20 1/4".

Fleece is what you need. A single sided fusible fleece.
Batting is just too puffy and the fusible is often water soluble.
Download the PDF Braided Twist Fusibles for more information on fusibles and fleece

We have a video in the works for the reversible runner. Also check out our fussy cut video on the bottom of this video page. We have created a supplement download to help you label the pieces. Download it here!

Getting Creative!

All of the Links associated with the Braided Twist can be found on our Braided Twist Link Tree.

Adding top stitching to your Braided Twist runner is easy!
Topstitch Diagram 
(not well suited for reversible runners)

SCALLOPS! Here is the download to add them to your runner.DOWNLOAD HERE

Watch the video for more on how to get creative with the Braided Twist!