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Book and Tool Corrections

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If you purchased a book in 2019 or a used copy that doesn't include a date on the inside front cover we have a Braided Twist Correction...we had so hoped we wouldn't have any issues, but there is a mistake on page 26. The coloring in the graphic is wrong, but the letters are correct. Here is the correction:


We've also made a few improvements to the Bonus Blossom pattern.
Download this PDF! We hope it helps!

On the inside page of the pattern on the right hand column, the graphics are correct, but the letters do not match. Here the are corrections.


On the back page of the instructions, on the left hand side, add this step in the instructions.

Things get lost, damaged, used up. We thought it would help if you could reprint them as needed. Download here!

Same deal. You'll want more than one since you'll make this pattern over and over!! :)

We found a small error in the Petal Pizzaz pattern.
Click here for a the correction page

Our new sample!! Isn't it pretty!!
Folded Card pattern Addendum:
In the paragraph Organizing Strips, the statement: Each group has two strips of each fabric, is incorrect. It should say: Each group will have eleven strips of fabric. Refer to the individual diagrams.
Correction on Just Peachy:
cut Fabric A at 1 3/4" rather than 2"
Thank you Marcie Brenner, from Brooklyn, NY!
Chubby Spinner Correction. The second diagram has an error in it. The tools should not rotate for the Spinner. See the diagram to the right for the correct layout of your strip sets and tool.

Four of a Kind An unfortunate mistake in both cutting and yardage charts. Please download the Four of a Kind Addendum.
Cutting Corner Frames page 6: The square should be 10 1/4" rather than 9 3/4". We are sorry for this error.The corner frame template printed in the back of the book (page 15) is incorrect. Check your book inside cover. Reprints in 2009 have been corrected.
(Print the following addendum) New York Beauty addendum
Some of the template pages included in some early patterns have a Gem Five tool that is printed too large. The height of the Five tool should be 5 inches. If not you have an incorrect template. Gem Five paper template for the correct one. I hope this hasn't caused anyone too many problems.
Correction: page 8 or 11 (depending on version):
Cut the 14 3/4" background squares in HALF diagonally, not into fourths
Cut the 29" square into fourths.
Correction Page for the Figure Eight Swirls: (select one)
Correction page if you have not started sewing your Figure Eight Swirls
Correction page if you have started sewing your Figure Eight Swirls.