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Basic Questions

Click Button for Questions, Answers and Tips Free Patterns by Cheryl Phillips are protected under the United States copyright laws. While you may print these patterns for classroom or demonstration purposes, they are not intended for resale. While you may link your site to the PFA product page which includes the free pattern, you may not directly link to the pattern itself. You may not provide this pattern on your own web site without written permission from Cheryl Phillips. Our free patterns are written to enhance our products and promote our website. When displaying a quilt in a public show which was made with one of our patterns, please acknowledge the source. We appreciate you adherence to Federal Copyright laws.
For all US Orders:

Currently we are offering flat $5 shipping on all orders!! If you order more than $95 we also offer free shipping! Take advantage today!

Insurance Claims: If insured mail, we will replace a tool if broken but you must do everything required by the Post office to help us get a an insurance payout, which will include keeping the tool and packaging in full for at least 60 days, and if requested have it examined by the USPS, help us by delivering it to whomever they have examine it.

First Class Mail is not insured. If you order you are assuming the risk for lost, stolen, and damage caused by shipping. We are willing to help you replace an item on a case by case basis. During high shipping times, please give extra time to allow first class to arrive.

International Shipping:

The shipping calculator at Phillips Fiber Art no longer lists international rates. We are now handling international customers on a case by case basis to offer the best rates possible.
We do ship Priority mail for most products. For estimated rates, go to the page International Shipping. We do not charge any exta handling, the fees are exactly what we pay to the Post Office.
Please note: If you enter US for shipping country and the address leads to another country we will be unable to ship your order until the shipping balance is received.

We are compiling a list of International dealers. If you are one please email us your contact information to be added to our list.

Austrailia: Punch With Judy
Austrailia: Kate's Sewing Centre

Add your item to the shopping cart and additional items. View Cart. Enter your discount code and hit enter.

If the Discount Code does not work check that you have put the correct promotional product in the shopping cart and check that your total purchase before the promotional product is correct (if minimum purchase applies). The Discount code works only on the day(s) of promotion.

Only one discount code can be used in a single purchase. If you have 2 discount codes select the one that gives you the best discount and use it.

See example of cart with discount code entered here.
First let's check the settings on the video:

If that doesn't help check your computer for a mute button or volume button.

Last try going to (following the links on each video page or go to our channel) and see if watching it from their site works any better.

If none of these work, there may be more settings on your computer that I don't know about that might be the issue. Contact a computer specialist to assist you.
To repair your ruler:

1. Place it on a flat table and align the edges of the tool.
2. Tape one side to keep it together.
3. Flip it over.
4. Use super glue sparingly along the seam (break line).
5. Let it dry over night.
6. Adding wide clear packaging tape to both sides adds strength.
As a graphic artist, I have found many techniques to test and sample our products. We currently don't have any association with any of the software companies that make programs to do such design work. We may look into this in the future but for now it's not available. I'm sorry to not have a better solution.

Although we won't be demoing how we did this on the computer we will be doing a follow up video on our favored techniques for fussy cutting. One of which is how we find the designs in the fabric when the computer is not available. We'll be sending an email out when it's uploaded to YouTube or you can subscribe to our YouTube for even faster notification of new videos!
The Two Piece Ten Degree Wedge set will make a full size Ten Degree Tool for a 50" circle and is split exactly in half.

• Included in the packaging is a "bridge" to connect the two pieces.
• The smaller piece is not the same as the mini ten, it's longer.
• As an added bonus we're including a pattern that specifically uses the two pieces separately for a 40" circle.

See the Two Piece Ten Degree Product Page for more information.
How do I download a PDF from your website?
click here for a tutorial to download a PDF.

How do I print a PDF template?
Many times your printer will adjust your document to fit on your sheet. This will mess up the size of your template and it will no longer be accurate. Here is a tutorial on how to adjust your settings to print templates.

Please note all of our "for sale" patterns and books are physical copies only. We do not sell any PDF downloads at this time. This may be available in the future.
We have more information on many of our products on the Rest of the Story! Grids and graphpaper, squaring templates, binding tips and much much more!